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Affordable Employee Benefits, San Jose, CA. If customers Try to think you’re compensating too much with your Employee Importance and / or maybe Workforce Nicely Insurance….you nearly ARE! Group Merits generally really need to financial impact natural and organic fortune! If you’re lender doesn't contain a “strategic assist plan”, ask involving them Precisely why NOT! At Brauer Insurance, we view Employee Benefits as an investment and feel they should be “strategized”. Group Health Insurance for a business is the “financing of your employees healthcare”. Just like investments and anything involving money, we think it’s better to have a STRATEGY.

Any insurance moron can throw plans at you, or commiserate about the high cost of Employee Benefits... what are they doing about it? Group Employee Benefits and Health Insurance is the SECOND highest cost for an employer, right underneath wages. We have a way to reduce your cost and either keep benefits where they are or INCREASE your benefits. The strategy consists of pairing benefits together to form a better way to insure your employees.

I’ve developed this strategy because I wanted to set up apart from the other insurance agents in my field. Our business is Group Benefits... that’s it. Everything else, we refer out to EXPERTS that specialize in that particular product.

Being a former Police Sergeant, I knew that I wanted to be a “specialist” in one area. I had the license to sell many different products, but realized that if you try and master all things, you end up not becoming an expert in anything!! Employee Benefits and Health Insurance specifically is a niche product... it is VERY complicated. I speak to agents and brokers constantly that have been doing insurance forever. Even THEY don’t understand the ins and outs of Health Insurance... it’s simply too complex. We actually have many insurance agents as clients, because they would rather have someone that knows what they are doing, helping them with THEIR benefits.

Brauer Insurance is a family owned INDEPENDENT, no fee agency. My daughters and my wife are licensed agents as well. You can go to my website and check us out www.brauerinsurance.com. I promise you I can save you money on your benefits…and your employees will like them more!!

Steve Brauer...President...Brauer Insurance Services...(877) 421-4325...3150 Almaden Expwy, suite 203, San Jose, CA 95118

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