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Individual Health Insurance Plans, San Jose, Santa Clara, CA. If you desire customers Health and well-being Health insurance coverage plan, you find quite a few set ups for you to select from. The original place men or women should try to consider is just that….Individual Effectively Insurance cover plan options refuse to require worth your company their fortune. There are unquestionably programs from now there who’re strategy according to $100 to any individual to their 20′s or maybe a 30′s. When you get to be older, its a little more. It always cracks me up when I hear about a couple in their 30′s or 40′s telling me that their Individual Health Insurance or Family Health Insurance is $1100 or $1500 a month. That is WAY too much to be paying….but people don’t know any better!

At Brauer Insurance, we look at Health Insurance as more of an investment. That means that you have to “strategize” what you are paying vs. what you are getting. Sure, you can get a super comprehensive Individual Health Insurance plan where you pay very little for services, inexpensive prescriptions, very low copays. But if you compare a plan like that to maybe a lesser expensive plan where you pay more WHEN you go to the doctor, it becomes a HUGE savings. I try and tell people to look at the maximum yearly risk for the “expensive” plan, then check one of the plans that I recommend……most times you will find that they yearly risk is very close to the same, but the monthly savings with the lesser expensive plan is PHENOMENAL, and totally makes sense to switch.

Finding a strategy, and looking at your Individual Health Insurance plan more as a “risk management” than insurance is the philosophy of Brauer Insurance Services LLC. We help Individuals, Families, and Small and Medium sized companies to strategize their Health Insurance.

I would be skeptical too, I hate sales people. Being a former Police Sergeant, I have a different perspective than most insurance folks. Call me, if my daughters and I can’t help you, we’ll tell you up front!! Thanks,

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